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Rodheim vd. Hoh, Hesse, GR

Today’s surname: Reeb

1900 Location: German

Comment: The first two generations of this family were noted in records as Reb, Röb and Reab. By 1780, the family was known as Reeb, as they are today.

Background: Heinrich Reb is the first mentioned of this Reformed Protestant family. He has two sons but only Vincent has a son who continues this male line. Henrich’s great-great grandson was a schoolmaster in Rodheim. Men in following generations were farmers. Wilhelm Reeb (1835) was a mathematic professor at Friedrichsdorf, Hesse. The succeeding generations were highly educated with a least one becoming a doctor in Frankfort. In the mid 1800s, the Friedrichsdorf records were written in French.

Roxheim, Prussia Rhineland, Germany

Today’s Surname: Reeb

1900-1930 Locations: Germany, USA: Illinois, Missouri, New York and elsewhere.

Comments: This family has a large representation in America today. In 1847, the first of two Catholic families immigrated to St. Clair County, Illinois. In 1869, another member of this clan went to New York.

Background: Johann Peter Reeb, b. abt. 1710 and Anna May of Roxheim, Germany, are the progenitors of this family. Peter was a miller as was his son and grandson. Descendants spread out to small villages not far from Kreuznach, Germany. During the last half of the 19th century, members of this family began to move away to America and other parts of Germany. Several of the Illinois immigrants worked in the coalmines.

Wö-Wohnbach, Ober-Hesse, Germany

Today’s Surname: Reeb

1880 Location: Germany

Comment: Lutheran church records of this family record the first two generations as Rebe, Rebb, Reab and Reeb. By 1758 their name becomes consistently Reeb.

Background: Johann George Rebe born about 1655 is believed to be the progenitor of this family. However, none of his five children are recorded with the same surname spelling. Johann Heinrich Rebe born 1689 marries as Rebb and dies as Reab. His son Freidrich Rebb was a Hussar in the Hessen Calvary for 13 years. The succeeding generations went by Reeb. They were swine herders and soldiers with one named George dying in Napoleon’s campaign in Russia. One branch of the family moved to nearby Wö-Söedel in the mid 1800s.


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